Superheros and the End of the World


I’ve noticed a trend in film-making lately. And in order to back up my observation I did a little digging. In 1993 there were five superhero type movies that came out. Ten years later in 2003, the number of superhero movies had climbed to nine. But get this…in 2013, there were 27 movies made about people/things with super powers!! That is a 540% increase in twenty years!

Then I decided to look into apocalyptic type films because I feel like there are a lot of “end of the world” movies out there. According to my findings, between 1990-1999, there were 34 apocalyptic films made, between 2000-2009, there were 58 films, and between 2010-2014, there have already been 42 films apocalyptic films produced!

So, I’m not just imagining it! There really are a lot of movies about superheros and the end of the world being made right now. It’s like people are obsessed.

It’s like they know something.

So, here’s my question…what if we do know something? What if the Creator of the Universe put within his creations a desire for Himself? Why do we long for someone with super powers to come and save the day, to make everything right. I believe it’s because we were made for God.

The Ultimate Superhero came just over 2000 years ago and did what no one else could do. He smashed the power of sin and death and made a way for us to be friends with the God who created us. Before he left, this Superhero promised that he would be back, this time not as a quiet servant, but as a supreme King.

It’s like we know this…innately…even people who don’t believe in Jesus, or God, or the Bible. We long for a Savior with powers that we don’t possess to come and save us, stop evil, and make things right again.

Do we also know He’s coming soon? That the world as we know it is about to end? Look at the increase in movies about an apocalypse…

It makes me wonder.


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