My Seemingly Ridiculous, Backwards, Illogical, Inside-out Obsession


I might be obsessed. Actually, if I’m going to be honest, I know I’m obsessed, but he is a wonderful obsession. And if anything, I want to be even more obsessed with him in 2016.

People often struggle with their view of God. I know I have!

Who is He? What is He like? What does He want from us? Sometimes we see Him as angry, or distant, or full of punishment. We think He expects certain behaviors from us and is disappointed in our failures. We see Him waving a list of rules to follow.

Do you want to know what God is like? Take a close look at someone who is called “the exact image of the invisible God” (Colossians 1:15) Oh my goodness! He is ridiculous, and amazing, and crazy, and wonderful! And the more I get to know Him and the more I learn about Him, the more I fall in love and the more obsessed I become.

His name is Jesus

  • Sometimes we see God as distant and aloof, but Jesus came as a baby and lived with His creation for 30 years before beginning His years of ministry. He was right here with us, doing all the things we do, God quietly living with mankind.
  • God definitely doesn’t play favorites. He chose nobodies from a nothing town to be His earthly parents when He could have come to royalty, He had angels announce His Presence to the outcasts of society (shepherds) and then no one else on the night of His birth. His followers were a bunch of uneducated fisherman and a hated tax collector, and He spent most of His time with “country folk” in Galilee.
  • I used to think that God cared about rules and performance. But, the only people Jesus “yelled at” when He was here on earth were the guys making and following all the rules, the religious ones who were so caught up in themselves that they missed the God they were supposedly serving.
  • I used to think that God withdrew from me and was disappointed in me when I sinned, but every sinner that Jesus encountered, felt His love, His grace, and His forgiveness. Yes, He told them to leave their sin, but He wasn’t harsh or judgmental. (And as God, He had every right to be.)
  • Jesus hung out with children, women, (neither were valued much in those days) and obvious sinners. And he repeatedly said that these were the people who would make up His kingdom. How is that for the most Powerful Being in the Universe?
  • And then, Jesus accepted His purpose, allowed Himself to be ridiculed, tortured, and brutally murdered because He wanted us back and He knew it was the only way. What kind of a God is this?

I could go on and on…but I will leave you with this.

If you are struggling with how to view God, either because of a church, or other Christians in your life, or your family, or whatever, look at Jesus. Read the gospels. Soak in His words. Dig into the history and the customs of the time so that you can really appreciate Him. Step into His ridiculous, illogical, backwards, inside-out kingdom…where the weak are strong, wisdom is foolishness, death brings life, and you can get everything for nothing. Let Jesus blow your mind, and quiet your heart. Let Him love you for no other reason than because He does. Cry because you are happy. And then…

Realize this, He. is. God.

Anything that you believe about God that doesn’t match up with Jesus, is a lie. Let it go.

One thought on “My Seemingly Ridiculous, Backwards, Illogical, Inside-out Obsession

  1. It’s a glorious obsession, Christy! At my best, I share it! Only He is worth such obsession – obsession in a good way – obsession that loves like He loves and lives like He lives. Never give up!

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