Tiny Treasured Memories



Yesterday I did something crazy (for me) and opened an Etsy shop. I am not necessarily a crafty type person, although people get irritated when I say I’m not creative.

The purpose of the shop is to make memory necklaces for women who have lost babies or children through miscarriage, still birth, or childhood death. I also designed a necklace (see picture) for a friend who did IVF with nine precious embryos, but never got pregnant.

If you have read my miscarriage posts, then you know that the pain of pregnancy loss is very familiar to me. It makes me happy to be able to understand what other women feel and give them something special to commemorate their little one.IMG_3910

If you haven’t read about the babies I lost before carrying the two children we have now, you can search for them under the category, “Things We Don’t Talk About”.

It’s amazing to me how many other women quietly hold the same pain in their hearts. It’s not something we usually share. I’ve only had my shop open for a day, but I have already heard multiple stories of loss and sadness. I wish there was a better way for us women to support one another and be open about miscarriage and the children we are missing.

IMG_3912Designing necklaces has also made me think of the women who are quietly missing children they chose to abort. I would love to make jewelry for them too, with love and no judgement.

I remember the first few weeks after delivering Trust (our second baby lost) on Valentines Day almost seven years ago. So much pain…so many tears…and questions…and doubts. Now here I am seven years later, able to turn that grief and sorrow into beautiful memory necklaces, able to tell other women that I understand, and hopefully able to point them to Jesus, the One who held me through it all!

If you would like to see my Etsy story, you can follow this link. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeSimplyYou




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