When the Truth is Only a Foot Away from the Lie – A Book Update

Bible used for lies

When people of other religions become Christians, they leave behind their old religious books, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, etc. and start reading the Bible. But, how do you leave behind the Bible, and then start reading the Bible? How do you locate the truth when it’s supposedly found in the book that was used to tell you lies? How do you unravel lies about the “God of Christianity” without leaving Christianity altogether?

Twisted half-truths are the worst kind of lies in my opinion, because it is almost impossible for people to reject the lies without also rejecting the truth.

This is the thing that I hate most about the teachings of Bill Gothard and others like him. They twist the truth, present Bible verses out of context to support their false ideology, and create a fake god and impostor Jesus. In the process, these liars destroy thousands of people’s ability or desire to be Christians.

Thousands of people have walked away from the lies in various forms of “cultic” Christianity, and have also walked away from the real Jesus. They can’t see the difference between the Bible used to control and abuse them and the real Bible that tells the story of a loving God pursuing the people He created. They can’t see the real, loving, gracious, forgiving Jesus because of the false, angry, demanding one standing in the way. They are so overwhelmed by their ideas of god based on the twisted Scripture they were fed, that they can’t even look for a different One.

It breaks my heart and it makes me furious at the same time.

The devil is so sneaky…knowing that twisted half-truths are so much more effective than outright bold faced lies. Twisted truths aren’t just for cults. I’m finding them all over modern Evangelical Christianity and it makes me sick.

This weekend I am getting away by myself for three days to finish my Book Proposal for Impostor Jesus. Please pray for me as I organize my thoughts and chapter ideas. Pray that this would not be about me, but about the message God wants to speak through me. I am excited and terrified! And I need Jesus to be the One who is leading me! Thanks. 🙂

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