I’m a Foodie – Because He Tastes Good!

We started with a warm, creamy, whitefish dip, which we scooped up with freshly toasted, baby pita chips. Next, our entree arrived carefully plated. Sweetly crisp, coconut shrimp, tender and juicy, resting upright against a mound of soft, chewy, pina colada rice, topped with a perfect drizzle of tangy mango sauce.

Did I make you hungry? My mouth is watering.

I’m not exactly sure when I became a foodie, but I know that Mackinac Island had something to do with it! My husband and I eagerly take our annual pilgrimage to the island planning on doing nothing but biking, relaxing, and eating, with the occasional shopping thrown in for good measure. In between meals, we eat fudge and ice cream! Bumpy Cake ice cream…made exclusively by Sanders Fine Chocolates. I dream of Bumpy Cake for the rest of the year: vanilla buttercream ice cream with soft chunks of devil’s food cake and thick ribbons of creamy chocolate ganache. There is nothing like it (on a homemade waffle cone of course)!


Since I became a foodie I have noticed something…I crave REAL food. I’m literally getting into healthier eating just because it tastes better. I’m becoming a “whole food” junkie, but not because it’s good for me, or because I’m worried about GMOs or pesticides. Real food is just more delicious! Think of the difference between a pale, mealy, flavorless tomato from the grocery store in the winter, and a full, red, juicy, vibrant garden tomato in late August. Are you with me?

Another thing, I swear that I can taste chemicals these days. For instance, I can’t drink a shake from McDonald’s any more (even my favorite Shamrock one) because they have a nasty chemical aftertaste. Arby’s shakes are still okay for now, but, I really LOVE shakes from our local ice cream shop! It’s more than just shakes though. Bad-for-me fake food that I used to crave no longer satisfies. (Because chemicals, yuck!) I want the real deal!

It’s a lot easier to eat healthy food because it tastes good than it is to eat it because it’s good for you!

cucumber-685704_1920A couple of years ago, my husband and I tried the Fast Metabolism Diet. We lasted 15 of the 28 days before giving up. The weight we lost (and we did lose it) was not worth the terrible food we had to eat. (To be fair, I have heard there are better recipes out there. But the ones in the book are horrid!). It took us months before we could enjoy vegetables again. Cucumbers are still sketchy to me, and plain egg whites definitely make me gag.

What if the same thing is true with our spiritual food?

I think far too often we treat Jesus, His Word, and spiritual disciples as a whole, like nasty health food. “Sigh, I know that reading my Bible is good for me. Ug! So, here goes nothing.” We get so focused on “doing the right thing” or “finding the right formula” that we don’t take time to enjoy it.

Jesus isn’t a diet plan, you guys! He’s more like a delectable meal at a delicious farm-to-table restaurant. You know the place, the one that advertises real food made with local real ingredients, and yes, everything you eat there tastes amazing!

I do not have it all together, and my life is far from perfect. (See my previous post.) But I do know this…the more that I savor every bite of Jesus, the more chemicals I taste when I try to eat other things. The more I get to know Him, see His heart, wonder at His character and personality, the less I want anything else.

Spiritual disciples, such as reading the Bible, prayer, memorizing Scripture, meditating, or fasting, without the person of Jesus, are like nasty cucumbers and egg whites in a reluctant diet plan. You can keep it up with sheer will power for a while, but it isn’t enjoyable.

When did it become “wrong” to enjoy something? I believe God have us ingredients, and taste buds, and brains so that we could invent incredible food. I also believe He gave us emotions, the ability to think, and a spirit (among other things) so that we can have a mind-blowingly awesome relationship with Him…a relationship that is fun, tastes good, and satisfies us to our very core.

Yes, I am a foodie! I love delicious food. 🙂 But I’m also a Jesus foodie!



I don’t do this Christian thing reluctantly because it’s good for me, or out of sheer will-power because I’m trying to attain something. I’m crazy about Jesus because He’s amazing!! I love the way He tastes and I can’t get enough of Him!!!




3 thoughts on “I’m a Foodie – Because He Tastes Good!

  1. “When did it become “wrong” to enjoy something?” Nailed it, right there. Life in all its fulness includes enjoying the good things God gives!

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