How Two Gay Christians Changed My Life

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It all started late last spring when a good friend of mine gave me a book. She told me that it had transformed her entire view of homosexuality. It was a little, unassuming looking book by a man named Wesley Hill. I had never heard of that author before, but I was excited to read it.

Homosexuality and the LGBTQ+ Community as a whole is such a hot topic among Evangelical Christianity. People hold pretty fiery opinions which have often left me feeling like I was splashing around in the middle of two opposing camps. I couldn’t agree with the more conservative views, but didn’t fit into a liberal way of thinking either.

I knew that the Bible is pretty clear that a homosexual lifestyle is part of the brokenness caused by sin, but I also knew that the LGBTQ+ Community belongs to the world that God loves and sent His Son to save in John 3:16. I wanted to love and accept people the way Jesus did, but I also wanted to stay true to Scripture. Wesley Hill was about to show me that both were possible.


I read Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness & Homosexuality with my heart in my throat. I didn’t know that it was possible to feel so close to an author. As Wes poured out his heart and struggles and was honest about his loneliness and fear, I felt my own heart break.

It wasn’t the kind of book that I could read in one sitting because I needed to process and think. I took Wes camping with me over the summer. I read him sitting around the campfire with a Kleenex in my lap so I could catch my tears. I read him in the laundry mat while waiting for clothes to dry in the middle of a thunderstorm and posted these thoughts on my Facebook page.

A friend gave me this book earlier this summer and it is opening and expanding my mind in amazing ways. Written by a Christian man who struggles with same-sex attraction but who is choosing to live a celibate life…it’s just powerful, and gut wrenching, and eye opening.

I don’t know if I have ever felt such love, and admiration, and respect for an author before.

You need to read it. Need to!!

We CANNOT live in a bubble.

And the best way to intentionally pop it is to expose ourselves to people and thoughts and perspectives that don’t exactly meet up with our own.

Washed and Waiting allowed me to stretch my mind. It’s easy to have staunch opinions about issues when we have no personal experience. But those lofty opinions are formed at a distance. It’s a completely different thing to have opinions that are formed by interaction with a person living the experience themselves. Even if that interaction is just reading a book.

I had never loved an author the way I found myself loving Wesley Hill. I even became a groupie and followed him on Instagram. 🙂

That is until I found David Bennett.

I have a good friend who works in Christian Marketing. We originally connected over a shared love of Jesus and disgust with religion. That connection morphed into breakfasts at our favorite coffee and bagel shop. I was telling her about Wesley Hill’s book and how incredibly life changing it had been for me. She got all excited and started talking about a book she was working with by a former gay activist who discovered Jesus. My friend was so enthusiastic that she gave me a copy of the book the next time I saw her.


I’ll be honest, I devoured David’s book called A War of Loves: The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus. I could not put it down. He challenged me, stretched me, made me reconsider how big God is, and spoke truth to my heart. I read with tears, and laughter, longing and hope. Then I followed David on Facebook and Instagram. 😀 I really wanted to be his best friend, but since he’s living in England going to Oxford for his PhD, I decided I’d have to settle for being an active follower. Here’s a sneak peek of the main idea of A War of Loves.

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Don’t you just want to go grab it and read it for yourselves?! Seriously, go order it on Amazon. I’ll even give you the link.

Guys, he met Jesus!!! And that changed everything. David has a message for the LGBTQ+ Community, but he also has an incredibly vital message for the church as a whole.

I love that God is calling and using gay Christians to share His message of truth. If that isn’t just like Jesus, I don’t know what is. 🙂 He has always pursued and used people the religious elite called outcasts. (The only thing is, that makes us Evangelicals the Pharisees…convicted much?)

So, what have I learned from my new favorite people? And how have they changed my life? Here’s a few thoughts.

  • We, the Evangelical Church, have royally screwed up and it’s time to acknowledge our failure and repent. I don’t know if it was out of fear or a religious focus on behaviors, but we have alienated an entire group of people from the gospel. Many people in the LGBTQ+ Community have felt nothing but hatred from Christians. That’s a serious problem! Especially since Jesus said people would know His disciples by their love…
  • Popular thought in our culture says that if you don’t agree with me, you must hate me. That’s not true. We don’t have to agree to love. And disagreement doesn’t have to mean that we hate. We can disagree in healthy ways while still loving each other. We can believe that same-sex attraction is a result of the Fall and that the Bible is clear that a homosexual lifestyle is sin, and we can still unconditionally love and accept people who identify as LGBTQ+ without focusing on their behaviors.
  • We don’t have to actively announce our personal beliefs. If you look at Jesus’ example, He was always seeking out the religious outcasts. He loved and accepted them without expectation FIRST. Then He called them to repentance.
  • It’s not our job to lecture people about their behaviors. It’s our job to introduce them to Jesus. If we teach people how to know Jesus, the Holy Spirit is powerful enough to do His job of conviction. God cares SO MUCH more about our hearts than our outward actions anyways!
  • The Evangelical Church needs to get educated! There are so many lies and false concepts circulating about homosexuality, gender identity, and such. It’s easy to be afraid of what we don’t know, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. We need to get out of our Christian bubble and down from our ivory tower of spirituality and meet people in the LGBTQ+ Community. Let’s read authors like Wesley Hill and David Bennett. Let’s engage in training from places like The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender. (They have awesome, Biblical teaching with a beautiful balance of truth and love.) Let’s talk to actual people who are different from us.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am passionate about two things. I am passionate about everyone knowing the Real Jesus. And I am equally passionate about rejecting behavior-driven Christianese religion. When it comes to the LGBTQ+ Community, it’s time that we left behind our traditions, and fears, and stereotypes. It’s time we embraced the Whole World with the truth of God’s love. 


More great organizations to further discussion and learning:

Revoice – Fostering Peace, Honoring Dignity, Preserving Faith

Hole In My Heart Ministries

18 thoughts on “How Two Gay Christians Changed My Life

  1. I just got done reading Prestin Sprinkle’s Grace and Truth 1.0 with a Sunday School group at church. It was amazing and opened up so much conversation inside church walls. I loved the author’s perspective and would very much recommend it to you. I’m looking forward to reading more of his work.

  2. Excellent. There are so many, many Spirit-filled Christians all over the world, all of whom love Jesus passionately, who are coming round to acceptance of LGBTQI+ people *and their relationships*. For conservative hardliners simply to say that ‘they are wrong’ or ‘they are not really ‘saved’ ‘ is no longer sufficient. God is doing something new in this time and the consservative hardliners are getting left behind. Oh the irony 😉

    But anyway, well said as always. Thanks Christy for your refreshing openness and honesty in your writing. It’s a breath of fresh air 😀

  3. Have you read Rosaria Butterfield’s book The Gospel Comes with a Housekey? It is not specifically about this issue, but does call us to messy love (my words).

  4. Thank you for this Christy. It reminded me of a truth that keeps revealing itself to be true in my life:

    There is no authentic knowing anything outside the context of direct experience and relationships.

    Too often we think we know the inner life and experience of others based on our own experience, nothing more than a view from within our self-defined bubble, seeing only through our own thought filter.

  5. Thank you for sharing. This subject has been on my mind a lot and I want to understand and know how to better love the LGBTQ community better. Thank you for talking about it…I too feel that as the church we have done a great disservice by not talking about this because its scary or we don’t know what to do. We need to do a better job at talking about things, not just with each other but with the people who are actually going through it.
    Again thank you for sharing. Blessings to you

  6. Hi Christy, just stumbled across your blog this morning. After reading four posts I just had to comment. You’re clearly more conservative than me, but I’ve never seen such a measured and welcoming tone – I’ll admit, much more measured and welcoming than my own writings! While we may not agree on everything, I do agree that acting out of love and bringing people to Jesus is the most important thing. Perhaps we’ll both reach different types of people, and set them on that path. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Hi, Annie! Wow, thank you. I consider that an incredible compliment. 😁 I try super hard to come across in a loving way.

      If you read much of my story you will know that I grew up in a crazy fundamental cult-like place. Despite the fact that I am still on the orthodox side of things, I never want to hold that black and white view of life or people again.

      And I love Jesus…because He found me and rescued me and He’s real. And I want other people to find Him too. Thanks for the comment and the follow and the feedback. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

  7. Christy, I’ve just found your blog and I love it! I love that you left the ATI cult but you didn’t reject God which to be honest is easy when cults teach such a fake Jesus. Instead, you passionately pursue the real Jesus! I grew up in a similar cult and am now out (yay!) and healing. Anyway, an excellent book you may enjoy is by Sam Allbury “Is God Anti-gay?”

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