Are you tired of behavior driven Christianity? Exhausted by rules and the feeling that you can never quite measure up? Do you long for more? Me too!

I totally relate to all of those questions, and I am on a hunt for the real Jesus. It feels like He has gotten lost in the midst of traditional and religious Christianity. We believe a lot of things about God, but how many of us have actually met Him for ourselves?

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I was raised in a conservative sub-group of evangelical Christianity. It was characterized by legalism and religious activity. I was the good girl following the rules until one day Jesus showed up and changed everything.

As I got to know Jesus for myself, I began to realize that the God I knew and the god I was being taught about couldn’t be the same Person. This started my journey searching for the real God. What, or rather Who, I found continues to amazing me!

“but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,” 1 Corinthians 1:23.

The real Jesus has always confounded people who are living their life by a set of rules. He has always seemed foolish to human intellectuals. But I’m okay with that. I’ve met Someone worth tripping over to discover the truth, Someone worth looking like a fool to find. Will you join me in my search?


Photo credit: Historia Collective

Christy Lynne Wood is a lover of Jesus, hater of religion, blogger, speaker, and hopeful author. After spending her teens in a cultic subgroup of Christianity, Christy is passionate about the truth and about helping people find genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.