Are you looking for truth spoken with humor and raw honesty? This is what Christy specializes in during her presentations. She would love to share her story with your group. The story of how the Real Jesus found her in in the middle of legalistic religion and drew her into a relationship with Himself. The story of how even though she abandoned many of her previous beliefs, she couldn’t abandon Jesus.

Christy is available to speak to youth and college students, women’s groups, retreats, churches, and more.

Topics Christy speaks on include (but are not limited to):

  • Finding the Real Jesus – her story of leaving religion and finding grace.
  • Authentic Motherhood – laying aside false expectations and embracing reality.
  • Recognizing an Impostor – becoming aware of our religious hearts and how they distract us from the Real Jesus.
  • Marriage Myths – lies we believe about our marriage and the truth that sets us free.
  • The Gospel for Children – salvation that is clear, understandable, and Biblical.


If you are interested in booking Christy for your next event, please click here to contact us for pricing and availability!